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New Product Enters $9.7 Billion Market & Ushers in New Trend

For Immediate Release - Nationwide

Laurel, MD – deanna Tee™ unveiled the long-awaited patented new massage product, Soothers™ on December 7, 2006.  Soothers™ will enhance specific massage techniques and is expected to usher in a new massage trend as the $9 billion U.S. spa industry continues to grow.  Soothers™ are eye catching breathable massage gloves with a chic, functional design and cleverly engineered projections.  They are expected to become a mainstay in the massage arena.  Soothers™ were on MSNBC’s Your Business Sunday, April 8, 2007.  They were also featured in DAYSPA Magazine (March 2007), Massage & Bodywork Magazine (April/May 2007), and Massage Magazine (February 2007).  They are used for a new massage called the GLoSSAGE™.

Massages are the predominant service received by clients visiting U.S. spas.  According to the International Spa Association, the number of visits to U.S. spas soared to 131 million in 2005 from 109 million in 2003.  As of August 2006 there were 13,757 spa locations compared to only 10,128 in April 2004.  This increase in spa locations represents an annual growth rate of 16%. The total number of employees, including practitioners increased from 215,200 in April 2004 to 267,400 as of August 2006. 

To use Soothers™, the user inserts each hand into the pair of gloves.  The user then has the option to utilize the projections on the thumb, middle three fingers or the knuckles (“Releasers”) when performing a massage.  Prior to this national release, athletic trainers in the NFL purchased Soothers™; they have been used in the rehabilitation of a professional tennis player, and have been used by physical therapists and massage therapists. 

The cleverly engineered projections on the product allow the receiver of a massage to experience deeper, penetrating pressure with greater efficacy than the human hand or finger.  This significant benefit facilitates quicker relaxation and elongation of tightened muscles, increased blood flow, and improved flow of nutrients into compromised areas of the body.  These benefits are realized with a marked decrease in the wear and tear on finger joints and the hands of the giver (i.e. a novice, massage therapist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, etc.). 

Soothers™ are optimum for massage and bodywork techniques that utilize acupressure or point specific pressure such as Shiatsu.  Shiatsu, translated “finger pressure”, is the most well known style of ancient pressure point methods.  Shiatsu is a combination of ancient Eastern techniques with the Western knowledge of physiology.  Practitioners apply gentle stationary pressure on tsubos (pressure points) to balance energy within the body by releasing blockages and stimulating Japanese ki (“key”) or Chinese chi (“chee”).  It utilizes less hand movement and more steady intensity.

These massage gloves can also be used to perform a new, invigorating massage called the GLoSSAGE™.  The GLoSSAGE™, invented by a physical therapist, is the fusion of a glove plus massage.  This highly effective massage has an “express” effect on tense muscles, knots in muscles (trigger points), inflamed tendons, life altering sinus pressure and relaxation.  A novice or professional can perform this massage.  The projections are placed preferably on the muscle belly.  A gentle circular stationary pressure is applied.  This method is repeated along the muscle.  Advanced GLoSSAGE™ techniques may be learned through a class offered at deanna Tee™.  Soothers™ may be viewed online at and will be available online December 12, 2006.  They are currently available at deanna Tee™ located at 407 Main Street in Laurel, Maryland 20707.

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