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5-Star White Glove Service

This exclusive service is available to customers requiring VIP service or customers with special massage table and chair rental needs.  

We have experienced logistical representatives that will assist you with the details of your event.  If you are arranging an elite or special event, have specific time frames or require special logistical planning, this service is an excellent option for you.  

We can answer all of your massage equipment related questions!  

This service can also provide you with additional receiving assistance, strategic floor plan arrangement assistance, on-site logistical planning and packing up assistance so that you can leave with ease after your event!  We can assist with stress-free departures after your event!  Leave it to us when you use this service.  This service allows you to rely more on our experience to get the job done.  

5 Star Service

This consultant fee may be cancelled within 48 business hours after purchase or if you change your mind after your initial contact during the 48 hour period.  After 48 business hours, we apologize this fee is non-refundable.  Additional fees may apply.  Ask for details.

  • White Glove Consultant equivalent to up 10 hours of event planning and arrangements

  • Onsite Coordinator services are for up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive days plus additional fees may be applicable.  

  • Full Event Coverage services are up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive days plus additional fees may be applicable. 



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