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If you enjoyed the new book, The Satisfying Touch by Deanna Tee, you will love these cards specially designed from the poems within the book.  Book suggested retail:  $12.95 Order your copy from our national distributor AdventSource by calling 1.800.328.0525 or visiting

Seminar & Book Reviews:

The book, The Satisfying Touch:  Creating Perfect Sensuous Strokes Your Mate Will Love!  and the seminars, “The Joy of Touch in Marriage” and “Loving Touch in Marriage” are having an amazing impact on marriages.  Here are some of the comments people are making:  


“Every couple that is passionate about growing the sensual and sexual part of their marriage should have [The Satisfying Touch] in their personal library. Deanna opens up to couples a new world of possibilities---tailor made to deepened multiple levels of intimacy (emotional, physical and even spiritual) with each other.”


Fredrick A. Russell

Leadership Specialist

Allegheny West Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Past previous President

MS-Management/Managerial Leadership


Seminar attendees:


“Excellent presentation with a wealth of information.  New things to learn! Amazing, awesome job!”


“Thanks for such a great presentation.  I have learned so much!”




“An opportunity to discuss intimate issues with your spouse inside of God’s framework.”


“More than I could imagine…I now will look at my wife differently.”

Is your company or ministry seeking to change how people interact?  Relationships have been listed as one of the top four "problems" in Christian & non-Christian's life.  If your organization would like to strengthen positive interaction among employees, decrease stress, improve morale and improve  the effectiveness of its people, host a relationship building seminar.  For more information or to email your request contact for a representative contact.  


Introducing a card line for lover's.  Now you can describe your love & passion to your mate in a way that will last forever.  T.Y. Notes (To You Notes) poetically describe your sentiments by focusing on touch and intimate moments.  Some describe this line as "a bit steamy", but many more love the change from the traditional greeting cards! Size:  4.5" x 5.5" 

Consider sending one of our cards with our Personal Spa Gift Set. 

Set of 3 Cards $11.00 

A Lover's Touch.gif (32188 bytes)

A Lover's Touch Is Different...

Partial Inside Text:

A Lover's Touch Is Different...

Than all the others would be.  The world of touch created between two allows feelings to flow, as deep as the sea.

Close your eyes and let your thoughts go; a lover with a good touch...



Online prices:






Gentle you are O love.gif (9171 bytes)

Gentle You Are O, Love...


Partial Inside Text:

Gentle You Are O, Love of mine...

True is your touch; 

Your love is divine; 

Pure you are O, love of mine;  Innocent is your touch, Rhythmical, keeping perfect time...  






To him touch was a science.gif (16483 bytes)

To Him Touch Was...


Partial Inside Text:

To Him Touch Was...

a science almost a game you could say;  Deliberate and purposeful 

that's how he did it, 

and quite frankly his woman liked it that way.

He spoke through his fingers...




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