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Our Mission

To impact the world through premium products and innovative services that facilitate healing and encourage human touch & interaction.

Our Motto

Changing the world through touch by promoting the "Gift of Touch" 


Our company realizes the importance of touch in everyday life. Humans deprived of touch can experience deteriorating health, psychological damage and isolation.  The physical, mental & spiritual wellness of each individual is improved by touch.  Our business is focused on promoting healing, touch and human interaction through products and services.  We want to encourage positive, healthy people interactions.  Experience deanna Tee™ services to relax the body, heal the mind, and restore balance within.  

deanna Tee™ desires to help our customers, our community, and our society transcend daily stressors.  We believe in inspiring a healthier existence via healthy human connections. In an electronic, computer reliant, and gadget age we go back to the basics - human touch.  Therefore, we do not offer battery operated or electric massagers.  Experience peace, serenity, and healing again and again with our products and services.     

About the Owner

Deanna Tee (a.k.a "Angel hands" or "Gold fingers") is a physical therapist and managing owner of the deanna Tee, LLC.  She has been called an inspiration by many who are hesitant to pursue their ideas and follow their dreams.  She patented Soothers Massage Gloves™, an innovative massage product that relaxes in seconds not minutes!   Soothers Massage Gloves™ perform a "more effective massage" called the GLoSSAGE™.  

The GLoSSAGE™ is now being performed by athletic trainers on professional athletes, nationwide by massage therapists, spa professionals, and used by an increasing number of high-end spas.  Soothers Massage Gloves™ have appeared on MSNBC's Your Business.  They have also been featured in the following national massage industry magazines:  DAYSPA Magazine, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, and Massage Magazine.  

Deanna is the author of the book, The Satisfying Touch.  This book engages couples by evaluating the foundation of a person's touch.  Then, it incrementally introduces progressive touch experiences through exploratory touching.  Deanna performs touch seminars for couples that are highly interactive, fun, engaging and include massage oil and blindfolds!  Married attendees describe her seminars as "Must attend!"    

She continues to treat clients with her compassionate touch.  She has the gift to quickly assess injured body tissues in an abbreviated period of time.  Then, deliver focused, effective treatments to long term and short term pain sufferers.  Ultimately, facilitating quicker recover times and return to a pre-injury active lifestyle.  She has performed her specialized manual techniques on individuals with active lifestyles and elite clients, including a professional football player, world champion kick-boxer and boxing champion.     



Our business is an ambitious woman-owned company that specializes in the unique, ever-growing market for massage equipment rentals in the massage, athletic, media, recreation, romance & wedding industry.  deanna Tee, LLC has a growing list of impressive customers that rely on this service for business, expos, while traveling, on honeymoons and for private use.  We receive rental inquiries nationally & internationally and are always seeking additional growth partnerships.



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