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Our Soothers Massage Gloves™ are one of two styles of our massage gloves.  They create an enjoyable and highly effective massage experience.  We guarantee you have never experienced a massage like this before!  Clients experience a "RELEASE" or their tissues feel "looser" after a brief massage using Soothers Massage Gloves™.  This is a signature massage technique worth mastering.  

This product is presently on back order.  Not available for purchase at this time.  Thank you for your interest. 

Works in seconds versus minutes!

Your hand is now naturally more penetrating...

Perform this signature massage that words cannot describe.  These patented massage gloves are a dilemma for those who are dedicated to the art of "pure" massage.  Each circular stroke with our massage gloves delivers more soothing penetration to the body than the human hand.  Are you ready to experience what is can do to your body?

GLoSSAGERS™ (glu säzh’ rz) calm the body’s internal environment, remove blockages, and stimulate the body’s relaxation center - BETTER!  The result:  a transcendent relaxation experience with reduced trauma to your joints! Featured in DAYSPA Magazine, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, and Massage Magazine these gloves are ushering in a NEW TREND IN MASSAGE- offering a more efficient & effective massaging.  

GLoSSAGERS™ are made from breathable silky smooth fabric.  The specially engineered projections effectively penetrate through the body's fatty tissues to target the tissues that matter.  The results:  stimulation to the body's relaxation center unlike any other massage technique for a euphoric massage experience; more focused and efficient massaging; and decreased wear and tear on the joints of the fingers and hand.  Use these massage gloves to give "the gift of unimagined experiences" with numerous benefit!     

So, if after hearing or reading about these new massage gloves you still have not ordered your, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your clients, and your hands are simply missing out.  You will be AMAZED with the results of our massage gloves, GLoSSAGERS™.  Try them!

There are two styles of GLoSSAGERS™:  This product is presently on back order.  Not available for purchase at this time.  Thank you for your interest. 

Perform a better, more penetrating massage with "amazing" massage enhancing GLoSSAGERS™!  Use to restore balance and nourish vital organs by utilizing various forms of pressure point oriented techniques (i.e. acupressure) to remove blockages along the body's pathways.  We are keeping hands healthier.  View GLoSSAGE Technique.  

Soothers™:  (click here)—Head, shoulders, and neck muscles release the worries of the world when massaged by Soothers™.  Facial tension escapes beneath this exhilarating experience!  For a heightened experience, use on the hands and feet!  A breakthrough for Acupressure!  Reg. $29.99  Sale Price:  $26.99*!  (prices subject to change without notice)  *For a limited time only.  Not applicable on previous purchases.

Deep Sensations:  (click here) – The deepest depths of the soul can now be penetrated.  This experience will leave any human speechless. Reg. $34.99 (prices subject to change without notice) Sorry this style is not available at this time.  

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Our functional massage glove design provides comfort, flexibility, and durability.  GLoSSAGERS™ glide onto the hands allowing the user to penetrate the body's tissues with greater efficacy than the human hand.  Feel the breathable silky smooth, fabric as it conforms comfortably to the user's hand.  

Used by:  Massage enthusiasts, massage therapists, physical therapists, nail technicians, aestheticians, athletic trainers,  and more...

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GLoSSAGE (glu säzh’) verb 1 a deep tissue massage technique that combines the healing power of touch with GLoSSAGERS™ to enhance relaxation, and relieve tension and stress exhilarating the muscles of the body 2 a technique that primarily uses a stationary circular motion to massage using GLoSSAGERS™ 3 a deep tissue massage technique used to alleviate movement dysfunction in muscles and tendons, loosen scar adhesions, and facilitate balance within soft tissues of the body.

GLoSSAGERS (glu säzh’ rz) noun 1 Unique patented massage tool  2 massage glove used to perform a GLoSSAGE™.

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This product is presently on back order.  Not available for purchase at this time.  Thank you for your interest. 

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