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 Laurel, MD – Stress-relieving relaxation at home is now the most wonderful experience any individual can imagine.  The true benefits of massage have now come to the home environment in a truly unique way.  Deanna Tee, LLC has created “Self help” massage classes in unique formats for non-professionals to experience the joy of massage in their home.

deanna Tee™ is a premier massage supply location located on Main Street in the historic district of Laurel, with a unique approach to promoting massage at home.  Owned by Deanna, a manual physical therapist, this exciting approach to promoting massage in the non-professional arena is an outgrowth of her experience as a clinician for 11 years.  “People enjoy receiving a good massage,” states Deanna.  This new venue allows everyday people to attend introductory massage classes in an energizing environment, receive instruction from a skilled professional at reasonable rates, and receive the needed supplies to turn an amateur’s massage into a hypnotic, relaxing experience. 

On the horizon for this trend setting venture is a highly effective massage-enhancing glove, Soothers™ to be re-released winter 2006.  This patented massage glove is expected to transform the massage experience for individuals and professionals.  Created with a sleek, functional design Soothers™ offers magnified effects on the muscles while decreasing wear and tear on the hands of the giver. 

 The enhanced benefits received from the use of Soothers™ include increased blood flow; significant, observable muscle tone changes; and the added joy of receiving health benefits from a novel product.  The revolutionary massage technique used with Soothers™ is called the GLoSSAGE™.  The GLoSSAGE™ is an original penetrating technique performed primarily with circular motions over the belly of a muscle.  The GLoSSAGE™ is used with Soothers™ only and has amazing results.  Well known for her highly developed manual skills, Deanna is pleased with the preliminary results and responses from this product.

 deanna Tee™ exists to promote and inspire the use of massage in everyday life.  Mainstream spa services are not offered.  Customers may choose from premium massage supplies, innovative massage classes, unique services and order exquisite gift bags online at  “I want to bring massage to the forefront as a fun, great pastime at home.  A relaxing, pleasurable massage is not reserved for spas and professionals,” states Deanna (managing owner of deanna Tee, LLC).

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