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  1. Submit estimate request below or call 410.880.4091 (nationwide: 1.888.dTSHOPS).
  2. Tell us what massage equipment you want to rent & how many.
  3. Tell us the dates you want to rent. 
  4. Please have "ship to" address and zip code ready. Shipping is primarily via Ground services, to minimize shipping cost.  Pick up charge applicable for return.   Return shipping label conveniently included for return of your rental.   
  5. We can tell you availability for your desired dates.  You may reserve your rental for a non-refundable deposit.  This deposit will be applied to your rental balance.  

Submit form below for rental estimate.  Estimates are subject to change without notice (i.e. due to changes in shipping price).  Submitting estimate does not reserve
your rental. 
(Please include working email or phone number so that we may assist you with your request).   

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