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Soothers™ provide a "penetratingly"  wonderful relaxation experience!  


The 3 P's are our mantra:  

  1. Practice - Use a controlled stationary circular motion with Soothers™ Massage Gloves.  No stroking!    

  2. Patience - You will learn a new signature massage called the GLoSSAGE™.  Your GLoSSAGE™ will be effective even while you are learning.  

  3. Perfection -  You have mastered the GLoSSAGE™ technique when you receive request for a massage with "...that glove!" 

Benefits - Read instructional insert prior to use for best experience.      

Use Soothers™ for amazing results on the body's tissues.  Our patented massage gloves offer unique benefits not available with other massage gadgets – handheld or electrical.  No oils, lotions, or creams are necessary.  Although Soothers™ feel great when applied directly on the skin, a penetrating massage can be felt through one layer of clothes (i.e. chair massage).       

Our fabulous massage gloves have the following benefits:  

ü       Function - Soothers™ allow the user to have the movement capability and flexibility of the hand and fingers. User can perform a massage on him or her self!

ü       Graded Pressure – When using Soothers™ the complex human nervous system of the user varies and monitors the applied pressure. 

ü       Healthier Hands – Decreased force needed for acupressure and other deep tissue techniques.  Users can enjoy decreased wear and tear on the joints of the fingers and hands.   

ü       Touch – Allows the user to feel the body’s tissue and stay in touch with the body’s response to massage. 

ü       Point Specific Pressure – Projections provide concentrated, focused pressure on targeted tissues - FEELS AMAZING! 

ü       Penetration – Greater efficacy in penetrating the body’s tissues unlike the human hand for ultimate relaxation effect.  

ü       Material - Soothers™ have a silky, smooth stretchable fabric that maintains its shape after repeated uses.   

ü       Longevity – With proper use, users can have repeated months of enjoyment.   

ü       Cleaning  - Product may be hand washed.


Soothers™ are great on muscles, tendons, ligaments and the facial sinuses for instant sinus pressure relief!  No stroking allowed! (NOTE:  Stroking exception is when used on the face as shown on product insert).  Use sustained pressure or stationary circular and transverse movements to maximize parasympathetic stimulation using Soothers™.  Soothers™ have a penetrating effect, therefore use caution when applying pressure initially.  They feel fabulous with less force from the user compared to bare hands!

  • Use to restore Japanese ki ("key") and Chinese chi ("chee")
  • Acupressure (excellent for Shiatsu!)
  • Trigger Point Releases
  • Transverse Friction Massage or Cross Friction Massage 
  • "Express" relaxation massage (or Chair Massages)
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Invigorating "Skin Thumping"

Pricing -  PLEASE DO NOT ORDER.  WE APOLOGIZE PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.  THANK YOU!                                       

 Size is the key to a successful GLoSSAGE™.  A snug fit is important for the ultimate experience. To order call today!  

We accept VISA, Master Card, Checks, or Money Orders.  Please expect a training period when first using this professional product.  Receive a FREE GLoSSAGE button with each order while supplies last!

Description SKU # Price Sale Price***
Small*    1001 $29.99


Regular** 1002 $29.99


Large/Big& Husky 1003 $29.99


*Recommended for small woman's/average woman's/small man's hands.  **Recommended for large woman's/average man's hand.  ***For a limited time only, not applicable on previous purchases.


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