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Can you speak your mate’s “love language”?

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 Laurel, MD- Strokes™is a newly designed two hour touch communication class to help couples deal with the ongoing complexities of “communication”. According to Dr. Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate there are five ways to express love emotionally to your mate.  Dr. Chapmen states in order to express love to your mate you need to “speak” in your mate’s language.  When a person attempts to express love to their mate using his or her own primary love, and not the language of their mate, frustration, disappointment, conflict, and withdrawal can occur. 

Psychologists have concluded we all need to feel loved.  The need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need.  “At the heart of mankind’s existence is the desire to be intimate and to be loved by another.  (Pg. .22)” Therefore, in order to experience the emotional love we all long for, a couple needs to discover, then speak the primary love language of their mate. 

Dr. Chapman’s five ways to express love emotionally to your mate are:

1.       Words of Affirmation

2.       Quality Time

3.       Receiving gifts

4.       Acts of Service

5.       Physical Touch

Strokes™ is a creative option to help couples where one or both partners interpret  “Physical Touch” as love.  Receiving a back rub, holding hands, sitting close, sex or other ways of touching are important for individuals where “Physical Touch” means love.  Unfortunately, touching does not come naturally for some people, for one reason or another.  If a mate interprets “Physical Touch” as an expression of love not receiving it is performing relationship suicide.

 Strokes™ was designed and created by Deanna Tee, MS, PT, a manual physical therapist to open communication, help couples enjoy the touch of their mate even more, and help couples reaffirm their commitment through the art of touch.  Each partner takes a touch questionnaire that explores his or her perspective on touch.  “The type of touch that may be pleasing to one partner may not be pleasing to the other partner,” states Ms. Tee.  Then, through guided instruction, the couple is taught effective touch and relaxation techniques to use on their mate.  This class is exclusively available at deanna Tee™, 407 Main Street in Laurel, Maryland, web address

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