What We Do

Inspiring a healthier existence

Since 2000 our company has supported and helped inspire individuals and businesses to make a positive impact.  Our company realizes the importance of touch in everyday life.  Humans deprived of touch can experience deteriorating health, psychological damage and isolation.  The physical, mental & spiritual wellness of each individual is improved by touch. 

Our business is focused on promoting healing, touch and human interaction through evolving products and services.  We are the premiere provider of massage table and chair rentals.  deanna Tee™ desires to help our customers, our community, and our society transcend daily stressors and enhance beauty.  


Who We Are

Promoting the "Gift of Touch"

Our mission is to impact the world through premium products and innovative services that support healing and encourage human touch & interaction. 

Deanna Tee (a.k.a "Angel hands" or "Gold fingers") is a physical therapist and managing owner of the deanna Tee, LLC.  She has been called an inspiration by many who are hesitant to pursue their ideas and follow their dreams.  She patented Soothers Massage Gloves™, an innovative massage product that relaxes in seconds not minutes!   Soothers Massage Gloves™ perform a "more effective massage" called the GLoSSAGE™.   

Soothers Massage Gloves™ have appeared on MSNBC's Your Business.  They have also been featured in the following national massage industry magazines:  DAYSPA Magazine, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, and Massage Magazine.

Deanna is the author of the book, The Satisfying Touch: Creating Perfect Sensuous Strokes Your Mate Will Love! (https://www.adventsource.org/as30/store-productDetails.aspx?id=36150).  This book engages couples by evaluating the foundation of a person's touch.  Then, it incrementally introduces progressive touch experiences through exploratory touching.