Massage Gloves


Our massage gloves, GLoSSAGERS (glu säzh’ rz) perform a better massage!  Our massage gloves help reduce hand fatigue and sore red thumbs.  They effect the internal environment of the body to promote healing and facilitate relaxation when used correctly.  Here are basic instructions to improve your GLoSSAGE (glu säzh’) experience.  


Perform a stationary circular motion using thumb, middle three fingers (with over pressure from opposite hand), or "Releasers".  After performing motion in one spot move a centimeter or so to next spot.

How to use "Releasers"

Make a fist.  Then, use "Releasers", on the knuckles, to go deeper into the muscle tissue.  For extended use we recommend placing a tennis ball in palm to avoid full compression of joints at end range of joint.

Use finger to control

  Use finger tips of thumb, middle three fingers, or desired finger to control projection.


Do not drag projections or attempt to stroke across the skin.  Technique and projections are intended for stationary, circular pressure.  

Do not drag projection

Do not move finger(s) in glove without controlling projection(s) with pad of fingers.


Do not spread fingers apart

Do not use all 5 fingers at the same time. 


GLoSSAGE (glu säzh’) verb 1 a deep tissue massage technique that combines the healing power of touch with GLoSSAGERS™ to enhance relaxation, and relieve tension and stress exhilarating the muscles of the body 2 a technique that primarily uses a stationary circular motion to massage using GLoSSAGERS™ 3 a deep tissue massage technique used to alleviate movement dysfunction in muscles and tendons, loosen scar adhesions, and facilitate balance within soft tissues of the body.

GLoSSAGERS (glu säzh’ rz) noun 1 Unique patented massage tool  2 massage glove used to perform a GLoSSAGE™.