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Novice or professional?  We are here to help!  If you need a massage table or chair and you are not ready to purchase your own, rent one!  We have plush and economy massage tables available to rent.  Also available is our light weight portable massage chair.  All rentals available with carrying case & deluxe adjustable headrest.  We ship nationwide to your door or special event!

We service rental requests from world-wide contacts that travel to the U.S. and national contacts that travel within the U.S.  Our company prides itself on discretion & customer privacy.  Therefore, we primarily do not list our customers on our website.  Thank you for considering deanna Tee!

Spirit Massage Table

Luxury is redefined in this flagship massage table.

Boasts a three-inch high density foam.

Rental:  weekday-$22, weekend-$55; weekly-$95

Shipping slightly higher. 

Avalon Massage Table

High performance massage table. 

Offers a two-inch high density foam.

Rental:  weekday-$20, weekend-$52; weekly-$89 


Harmony Massage Table

Economy combined with performance. 

A hanging armrest can be included by request. 

Rental: weekday-$16, weekend-$50; weekly $79


Avalon Tilt Massage Table

Multipurpose portable spa treatment table

with 23 position tilt back. 

Rental:  weekday-$22, weekend-$55, weekly-$95

Shipping slightly higher.

Vortex Massage Chair

Light weight portable massage chair. 

Used by many after eye surgery!

Rental:  weekday-$18, weekend-$45; weekly-$85

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Rental Tidbits!

If a requested estimate has not been received within 48 hours (excluding weekends), PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK, SPAM OR TRASH FOLDER.  You may also call our customer service team, who will be happy to check on the status of your estimate.  Thanks!

  • Weekday rate applicable Monday - Friday
  • Weekend rate applicable Saturday - Sunday

    • In-state return/pick up on Monday or Sunday

    • Out-of-state pick up on Monday

  • Weekly rate applicable for a minimum of four weekdays and a weekend.

  • Multiple Rental discount applicable to weekday & weekend rate only on 3 or more tables or chairs (weekly rate excluded).

    • An order of multiple rentals may not be eligible for same day shipping to ensure reliable, timely service.

  • One day rental rate:

    • In-state:  Delivered and returned within 24 hours (excludes Saturdays).  Latest pick up 6pm.

    • Out-of-State:  Minimum of two rental rate will apply.

  • Delivery:
    • In-state or nearby:  If delivered via courier, minimum $13 ONE-WAY delivery fee applies.
    • Out-of-State:  Delivery primarily via Ground services.  FEDEX pick up fee applicable on the return unless renter drops off rental at FEDEX location.  Renter must then call customer service at 1.888.dTSHOPS (1.888.387.4677) to let us know which FEDEX office was used for drop off.
  • Rental scheduled for delivery the day before "date of use" and picked up on "date of return" before 6 p.m. per customer's "Rental Agreement".

  • We provide estimates to numerous customers for the same or overlapping dates.  Rentals are not reserved when an estimate is provided.  Therefore, rentals are not guaranteed based on receipt of an electronic or verbal estimate.  Rentals are secured with full payment or a minimum 50% deposit.  Thank you for remembering this policy when planning for current and future rentals.

Payment Policy:  Credit card required for rentals.

Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable.  After rental equipment is shipped, refunds are not available.  Refunds are available prior to shipping minus 10% (of total estimate/invoice) administration fee.  We aim to provide efficient, reliable service.  Therefore, paid rentals are allocated to customers per their requested dates and are therefore not available for rental to other customers. Thank you for understanding this policy.

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