Rani Rental Services™

Rani Rental Services™

This comprehensive service is for clients that require the royal treatment.  If you or your client requires special attention or detailed logistical planning, we have the experience to assist.  

For an additional fee, you or your client will receive superior one on one service that goes above and beyond our traditional services.  We have experienced professional, highly service oriented representatives that will assist you or your special client.

Available options include, but are not limited to, luxury massage table rentals, specialized linen, receiving assistance, strategic floor plan arrangement assistance, set up and on-site logistical planning.  We can also assist with stress-free departures after your event!  Leave it to us when you use this service.  This service allows you to rely more on our experience to get the job done.  

Rani White Glove™ Rental Consultant

Get the additional help you need for your VIP client or event!  This premium service provides up 10 hours of personalized event planning and arrangements.  Additional fees & restrictions may apply. 

Fee:  $1500

Rani Onsite™ Rental Coordinator

Your event or VIP client requires special attention and this service will provide it to you!  This service allows you to focus on the other details of your important event.  It offers up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive days (max. 8 hours/day) of onsite consulting.  Additional fees & restrictions may be applicable. 

Fee:  $2500.

Rani Full Rental™ Coverage

While our rentals are on display and being enjoyed by you, the client, we work behind the scenes.  Our goal is to ensure your rentals are set up, arranged and repacked for shipping with minimal impact to your event.   This premium service provides up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive days (8 hours/day) of onsite rental arrangement and management services.  Additional fees & restrictions may be applicable. 

Fee:  $5,000.